Lithium carbonate is a white inorganic salt with the formula Li 2CO 3. This white salt is commonly used in the processing of metal oxides and as a mood. Recent high-quality studies have confirmed the central role of lithium in the treatment of bipolar disorder and have established lithium as the drug of first choice for long-term prophylaxis in this condition. It is a potent CNS stimulant similar to Adderall.Extended Release: 5 mg, 10 mg, & 15 mg.You can feel the effects about 15-20 seconds after the injection, usually.Pill imprint ADDERALL XR 30 mg has been identified as Adderall XR 30 mg.Adderall XR is used in the treatment of adhd; narcolepsy and belongs to the drug class CNS. Uses. This combination medication is used to. The lowest dosage available is a 5 mg pill. The 5 mg Adderall pills are usually circular and white. These have "AD" printed on one side and a "5" on the other. Generic 5mg Adderall pills look. .

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